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Flange Line Up Pins


Flange Line Up Pins aid the welder in checking or obtaining critical alignment of flange to the pipe. The Mathey Dearman Stainless Steel Aligning Pins are multi-purpose to rapidly align carbon steel and stainless steel. Additionally, the spring and end cap allow for expansion during welding.

A simple push of the “Thumb-Lock” allows the flange pin to quickly release itself from the flange.

In the Wobble Nut FLUP variation, the FLUP is unscrewed 3/4 turn, tilted and released from the flange in seconds.

Quick precise flange to pipe alignment can be obtained with the stainless steel Flange Line Up Pins, which save valuable fit-up time, eliminating costly rework due to improper alignment.

Part Number

Model / Assembly

Flange Hole Diameter Range


Slide-Lock FLUP

5/8 - 1 7/8 / 16 - 47


Wobble-Nut FLUP

5/8 - 1 7/8 / 16 - 47