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Coupon Cutter


The Coupon Cutter makes the cutting of weld test coupons quick and easy. This efficient tool can be used for any procedure requiring removal of a section of the pipe wall on pipe sizes 4" (102mm) and larger. A boomer assembly is included to rapidly attach the Coupon Cutter to pipes up to 12". A boomer is usually not needed on pipes above 12" (305mm).

• COUPONS—Can be used to cut test
coupons for API, ASME and AWS welder certification.
• TESTING—Makes coupons to test filler hardness to parent material or for bend testing.
• PRECISE—By adjusting the stops, the coupon cutter will cut the same size testing coupon time after time.

Part Number


Cuts Coupons (in / mm)


Coupon Cutter (short)

2 x 9 / 51 x 229