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EZ Fit Portable Clamps


EZ Fit clamps were specifically designed for the
welder who needs to align but not reform the pipe. The clamp is ideal for a wide range of small diameter pipe and tubing applications.

The precision-cast alloy steel clamps are designed to not flex when working on larger diameter pipe. Great for the critical alignment of pipe to pipe, pipe to elbow or pipe to tee. Stainless steel shoes and thumb screws (included with clamp) eliminate contamination risk during fit-up of stainless steel and other special alloy pipes and fittings.

• FAST EASY SET-UP—Clamp can be slid onto the end
of the pipe and the handle turned for fast easy
• NO TRAINING—Clamp requires no training
to operate.
• ADAPTABLE—Clamp can be used on stainless steel
or specialty alloy pipe or tubing.
• “Hi-Lo”—The wing screws are turned in or out to
adjust pipe alignment.

Part Number

Pipe Size Range
(in / mm)


1-2.5 / 25-64


2.5-4.5 / 64-114


5-8 / 127-203


9-12 / 229-305